Plan B from Isenhower Productions on Vimeo.

Alamo Community Church, who I was able to create a launch video for, launched their site with a new sermon series, “Plan B”. When their Pastor, Kevin Flowers contacted me and asked me to create the design and an intro video for the series, I said yes without hesitation.

Plan B is a series based on the book by the same title by Pete Wilson. The big idea of the series is that in life we have plans that don’t pan out. What we are left with is dealing with life after our plans fail. Kevin really liked the idea of throwing away a piece of paper with a “Plan A” on it and throwing it away.

I developed the idea and produced the intro video for them. A few geeky details for those who care:

  • Shot on Canon T2i (550D) + Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX Macro
  • Bogen + Glidetrack (even when not using for moves, the Glidetrack is great for supporting low angle shots)
  • Edited in Adobe Premiere CS5
  • Effects in Adobe After Effects CS5
  • Color using Magic Bullet Looks for CS5
  • I am the hand model. They have starred in more than one video. Hopefully I can show the other here soon.